Nationwide Coverage from 29 plants
Three-minute presentation
“Our last delivery was rushed, and I called at 5 p.m., and CIR was able to get me what I needed the next day. Great job!” Ragu, 2009

CIR is a no-worries supplier…100% customer service and delivery performance. Thanks CIR, for making my job easier.” Federal Mogul, 2009

“CIR is the easiest company to do business with!” Ragu, 2008
Most every supplier claims to offer excellent service, but few genuinely deliver. At Carolina Industrial Resources, we know it takes a well-trained and experienced team, working together closely, to provide the greatest value to clients. Our S.E.R.V.E. program assures every client gets the unsurpassed level of service and attention they deserve.

Sales & Marketing
Experienced personnel available 24/7 providing nationwide sales & service.

Customer Service
Customer-driven representatives specialize in expedited personal service. Call toll-free 1-800-849-1819 and get immediate access to a representative, no recorded messages!

Technical Support
Knowledgeable, experienced packaging equipment specialists and design engineers to assist with product selection and applications followed by monthly audit assessments to monitor performance and efficiencies.

Manufacturing & Quality
Professional team of experts focused on quality, efficiency and continuous improvement CIR offers shorter lead times, with clear film and bags in 2 weeks or less; printed bags in 3-4 weeks with new art and 2-3 weeks on repeat orders. And best of all, emergency orders can be supplied as quickly as 2 days. To help minimize emergencies, CIR also provides a variety of Supplier Managed Inventory programs customized to best serve client needs.

CIR offers many recommendations for cost savings: Increased yield, increased efficiencies, decreased heat tunnel temperatures, supplier inventory management, technical support, and lower freight costs. If one of our recommendations involves a change in the film itself, we offer two FREE trial rolls (guaranteed 1,000 lbs.) to verify that the change will cut your costs with NO negative side effects.

CIR has technical centers located in Quebec, Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina with in-house lab testing facilities at all plant locations. State of the art laboratories offer virtually unlimited capabilities for precision testing and quick lab results. Certified for ISO9002, AIB, FDA, CONEG.

Lab testing capabilities include:
  • BIORAD (IR scan)
  • COF
  • Tensile
  • Vicat Softening
  • DSC Tester
  • Dart Impact
  • Gloss
  • Haze
  • Shrink
  • Gauge Profiler
  • Ash Test
  • Instron
  • Microscope
  • FTIR
  • MVTR
  • Heat Seal
  • Opacity
  • Color Management
  • UPC Verification
  • Tear Tester
  • Spencer Impact
  • Spectrophotometer
Multiple plant locations in the US and Canada and our centralized computer network enable us to share information among plants in the event of emergencies. We also qualify customer products at multiple locations to assure continuous product availability.