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“I enjoy working with CIR. I wish I had more vendors like you guys!”
Skippy Peanut Butter, 2009
Carolina Industrial Resources is committed to environmental stewardship and fully supports sustainability in our processes, services and products. We now have many current and in-process sustainability initiatives at our manufacturing locations.

We are a member of Green Blue’s sustainable packaging coalition and have created a sustainability team with representatives from Operations, Technical Support, Sales and Marketing, Executive Officers and Customer Service. We also attended the 2009 Sustainable Packaging Forum.

REDUCE: Our extrusion facilities have installed water evaporators to reduce production waste water

RE-USE: We reuse cores from the paper industry to wind our film, reuse our plastic scrap at the extrusion facilities and reuse our recycled inks at our printing locations

RECYCLE: All plastic production is either sold as first grade product, recycled internally in less demanding products, or sold to a recycler. We also have programs in place to recycle corrugated and paper waste.

SHIPPING: Transportation of finished product is one of the largest contributors to a company's carbon footprint. Our extruders are strategically located to keep transit distances short. We ship and receive product by rail when possible (98% of raw material) and consolidate shipments. Wherever possible we double stack and optimize truck capacity.

ENERGY: We have installed T-5 and T-8 lighting systems for an energy reduction of 52% to 65%. Heat exhaust from our equipment is used to heat our plants in cold weather

PRINTING: Two plant locations have changed from solvent to water based inks and all waste water is picked up and recycled. We have installed four new W&H 10 ten color flexographic presses with built-in VOC capture system to increase efficiency by 30%. Solvent inks are recycled through a semi-automated close-loop system to reduce the amount of solvent evaporated in the air.

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY: Our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) promotes and maintains wellness mentally and physically. We have safety programs in place at all locations to reinforce safety consciousness and maintain an accident-free work environment.

TECHNOLOGY/INNOVATION: We have redesigned our vertical machine film packaging to eliminate 8 pounds of corrugated packaging from each pallet of film for a reduction of approximately one million pounds of packaging per year. We have engineered film blends to increase product strength, allowing lower gauge films for product applications. We have customer programs in place using recycled film and biodegradable additives (ECM).;