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In the early 1980’s Tim Hoyle had reached the top in the purchasing world of US textile industry.

During this journey he discovered that many vendors did not offer high quality, customized customer service, particularly in the packaging sector, as a result, Tim and his wife Terry, formed Carolina Industrial Resources, today, CIR Flexible Packaging.

Tim began with the philosophy of friendly, professional and knowledgeable customer service to help clients truly solve their problems and improve their business process.
This was a revolutionary departure from the rest of the industry that focused almost exclusively on price and not performance.
Using these principles, Tim focused CIR on the textile industry for the first decade achieving great success and rapid steady growth.

TODAY, with the changing economic climate, new challenges and new opportunities; CIR has expanded into other industries. Such as, food and beverage, lawn and garden, roofing, automobiles, as well as other packaging 

In 2015 Tim and Terry’s son Patrick joined the company as the CFO, and in 2020 Tim became the Chairman of the Board and Patrick moved into the CEO Role.

Under Patrick’s leadership CIR continues to provide award winning customized service and is constantly working to bring new and innovative products and solution to its clients.
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