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At CIR, we are committed to finding ways to continue to improve flexible packaging’s impact on our environment while still providing cost effective packaging solutions to our customers.  

CIR offers a variety of sustainable options for flexible packaging.

Down Gauging

By using additives that ensure the maximum strength in the film is withheld, we can down gauge your current film. This will allow about 25% more film per roll and 25% fewer roll changes. On the production side, down gauging allows for 25% less polymer consumption and 25% lower energy consumption and emissions.
Unsupported Packs

In changing customers over to unsupported packs versus supported packs, such as with beverage bottles and jars of sauce, there is the potential for a 76% savings in material, 10% savings in energy, and 60% reduction in post consumer waste.
PCR (Post Consumer Resin)

After plastic has been used for its intended purpose by the consumer, these materials are gathered and sent through a proprietary process to produce plastic resin pellets. These resin pellets are reused and transformed into new products.  Film made from PCR can contain over 25% less green house/carbon gas emissions than virgin resins.
PIR (Post Industrial Resin)

PIR is a blend of plastic waste recovered from industrial and manufacturing processes that has not yet been in the hands of a consumer. These materials are re-purposed into plastic resin pellets that are then reused and transformed into new products. The use of PIR means less plastic waste sent to the landfills.
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