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Most every supplier claims to offer excellent service, but few genuinely deliver. At CIR Flexible Packaging, we know it takes a well-trained and experienced team, working together closely, to provide the greatest value to clients.

Sales & Marketing

Experienced personnel available 24/7 through your technical sales project manager.

Customer Service

Customer-driven representatives specialize in expedited personal service. Call toll-free 1-800-849-1819
and get immediate access to a representative, no recorded messages during business hours!

Technical Support

Knowledgeable, experienced packaging equipment specialists and design engineers to assist with product selection and applications followed by regular audit assessments to monitor performance and efficiencies.

Manufacturing & Quality

Professional team of experts focused on quality, efficiency and continuous improvement CIR offers shorter lead times.. To help minimize emergencies, CIR also provides a variety of Supplier Managed Inventory programs customized to best serve client needs.

Problem Solvers:

At CIR, we pride ourselves in our ability to improve our customer’s efficiencies, productivity, and marketability. Many of our solutions will require testing through our problem solving process:


Multiple plant locations in the US and Canada and our centralized computer network enable us to share information among plants in the event of emergencies. We also qualify customer products at multiple locations to assure continuous product availability.

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